About Glympse

Who We Are

Glympse pioneered temporary, safe and secure location sharing a decade ago. Today, we’re applying that same curiosity and boundary-breaking spirit to help Fortune 1000 companies around the world infuse location sharing into their customer interactions. Our mission is to transform frustrating, confusing experiences that that lack context into opportunities to provide clarity and build relationships. With “Glympse-as-a-Service,” we’re making home services, deliveries, curbside pickups, mobile commerce via connected vehicles and roadside assistance seamless and better. We’re changing how people meet up, use wearables, and how they build smart homes, cities and public transportation.


Meet the leadership team that’s making location the new standard form of communication.

Chris Ruff

CEO & President

As CEO & President Glympse, Chris is responsible for leading the company’s growth and global strategy, facilitating company activity in sales, marketing, partnerships and product development. With over 25 years experience in the technology industry, he has great success translating corporate business visions into effective technology strategies and changes. Chris has spent 20+ years in various executive leadership roles in the software, mobile and IoT industries. Before coming to Glympse, he spent 12 years as CEO and President of UIEvolution (now Xevo), a global leader in enterprise software for the connected car, mobile, hospitality and the Internet of Things.

Cami Zimmer

EVP Business Development & Marketing, Glympse

As EVP of Business Development & Marketing, Cami is responsible for creating and implementing strategies to enhance new business opportunities and elevate the company’s corporate brand through marketing, communications and public relations. Working directly with Fortune 1000 partners and customers, she supports revenue growth objectives centered around Glympse’s proven location services technology. Before joining Glympse, Cami spent 2 decades leading companies in boosting brand awareness and initiating profitable business development and marketing operations.

David Troll

SVP, Sales & Customer Operations

David is Senior Vice President of Sales & Customer Operations at Glympse, where he oversees the development and execution of the company’s global sales initiatives, as well as manages end-to-end partner lifecycles. With more than two decades of sales experience, David is an expert at establishing and maintaining high-level relationships with large brands. He has had exceptional success in helping customers drive deeper customer engagement solutions and improving operational effectiveness. Prior to joining Glympse, David was senior director of Client Success at Oracle. He came to Oracle through the company’s acquisition of TOA Technologies, where he served as vice president & GM of North America.

Rob Foley

VP of Customer Solutions

Rob is Vice President of Customer success at Glympse, where he leads the team that is building, delivering and supporting customer and partner solutions built on Glympse’s powerful location platform. He has over fifteen years of experience as a solutions engineering and product management leader, and is an expert when it comes to driving purpose-built solutions that drive transformation and results for each of our unique customers and partners. Prior to joining Glympse, Rob led product and solutions teams at SEVEN Networks, Ericsson and Akamai Technologies, and spent his earlier years as a lead systems engineer at Amdocs.

John Gruender

VP of Engineering

As VP of Engineering at Glympse, John brings over fifteen years of IT and management experience to his role. He's responsible for the engineering organization, ensuring Glympse delivers high-quality, scalable, user-friendly products to its global customers. His strong delivery background and track record of success managing large, cross-functional teams are the driving force behind Glympse’s technology. Before he joined Glympse, John spent years leading major initiatives at some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Disney, AT&T, Clearwire, and most recently Infospace.

Chris Park

VP of Partner Platform

Chris is the Vice President of Partner Platform at Glympse. He is responsible for defining the product strategy and roadmap for Glympse’s location sharing platform. He works with partners to integrate Glympse’s location sharing APIs across the connected car, connected home, IoT and wearable industries. Prior to joining Glympse, Chris successfully lead product initiatives at great companies like Amazon, HTC and T-Mobile. Chris has an engineering background and received his degree from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Heinrich Van Der Westhuizen

VP of Sales, EMEA

Heinrich leads sales execution for Glympse across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and is responsible for all sales strategy, revenue, market growth and regional expansion. A seasoned sales executive, Heinrich has more than two decades of experience building high performance teams that deliver turnkey enterprise solutions to clients within the USA, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. He and his teams have sold and implemented projects across multiple disciplines such as ERP, eCommerce, CRM, complex supply chain solutions, wireless security, data encryption, data security standards and mobile solutions. Prior to joining Glympse, Heinrich founded and ran Gameplan Group Ltd., which provides specialist strategy, recruitment and sales consulting services to small and medium size technology companies.