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The Glympse platform is available to 3rd Parties

Glympse is now offering its platform to 3rd Parties. Application Developers, Wireless Carriers, Enterprises, Device and Auto Manufacturers are now able to integrate Glympse functionality into their Applications, Devices, and Services. Find out more about the Glympse Platform


By integrating Glympse directly into the new Verizon Messages application, the companies are changing text messaging from a static text communication into a dynamic, powerful tool. The new app allows users to share real-time movements on a dynamic map without leaving their messaging conversation.

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Samsung has brought science fiction technology to real life with the new GALAXY Gear. With Glympse location sharing technology available on the device, this watch is the most powerful wearable tech on the market. Send your location, or watch other's movements right on your watch.

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Gogo and Glympse have teamed up to enhance the connected inflight experience by adding location sharing to all Gogo wifi-enabled planes. Air passengers can now keep anyone they choose in the know about their current whereabouts, even at 30,000 (no Gogo pass required).

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The social nature of Glympse® is on full display in Mercedes-Benz’s DriveStyle experience. Seamlessly share real-time location from the in car display with anyone with a few taps. The Mercedes-Benz and Glympse partnership was announced at the Telematics 2012 show.

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In its commitment to the ultimate driving experience, BMW leaves no stone un-turned. To that extent, BMW reached into the world of mobile applications to partner with Glympse. BMW’s rich integration with the Glympse platform allows drivers to always stay in the moment and share their location without distraction.

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When everyone else was going big, MINI went small. When everyone else was texting while driving, Glympse started sharing dynamic maps. Now, the always innovative MINI adds Glympse’s unique location sharing across their lovable, charismatic line. Glympse answers the question of “Where are you?” just the way MINI owners like it: with pictures!

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Using Ford’s ApplLink™ interface, drivers will be able to share their location with friends and family directly from their car using simple voice commands, eliminating the need to touch their mobile phone while driving. It’s that easy. See the CES 2013 Press Announcement for more information.

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Garmin set out to create superior products that are an essential part of their customers’ lives, so they partnered with Glympse to add dynamic location sharing into their StreetPilot™ line of mobile products. No need to manage a friends list or security permissions, incorporation of the Glympse platform is intuitive as well as extremely powerful.

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Boost by Mercedes-Benz is a new youth transportation service in Palo Alto. Their concierge staffed vans are scheduled by parents to shuttle their kids between activities. By partnering with Glympse, Boost by Mercedes-Benz is able to give the parents peace of mind and realtime position of the Sprinter vans during the children’s rides.

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Glympse’s unique location sharing approach melds perfectly with Navigon’s philosophy of bringing innovative technologies and exciting design to each of their products and millions of customers. Using real-time navigation tools now goes beyond going places you haven’t been and becomes a communication tool that can be used for every trip.

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With an eye toward making driving not only safer but also more enjoyable, Pioneer’s implementation takes advantage of advanced driver distraction interface so that a system does the work of keeping your loved ones and colleague’s aware of your progress while the driver can focus on the road.

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