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Connect with Your Customers
Through Location-Powered Experiences

Engage With Your Customers on Their Terms

Today’s customers are connected, mobile and assume everything’s available on demand. They crave continuous insight but won’t tolerate interruption. They rely on contextual data to help them lead a more informed and efficient life. They insist on complete control.

Stop playing catch up with your customer experience strategy. Provide the proactive digital engagement your customers expect with location-driven customer experience solutions from Glympse.

Leading brands rely on Glympse to streamline high-friction field services and deliveries with an ETA and live map view. Tap into the power of our location communication platform to build forward-thinking consumer engagement strategies and ecommerce models, using data to connect individuals and moving things to the products and services they need.


Impactful Results

With continuous communication and live map views, customers never have to ask “Where is my... ?”

Informed customers can effectively coordinate so they’re ready for a service interaction. Prepared customers mean fewer missed, delayed or rescheduled appointments, fewer calls to customer care, efficient appointment execution and accelerated revenue.

  • Grow Revenue

  • Boost Engagement

  • Increase CSAT & NPS

  • Drive Efficiency

Glympse Business Solutions

Glympse offers solutions to fit your business, available on a per user or per Glympse basis.

Customer Journey Viewer

Empower customers with a live map view of the technician or delivery driver’s location and ETA, key appointment information and customer self-service tools in a single web-based experience - on their preferred device.

Customer Notifications

Drive customers to the viewer with notifications, including a unique (and customizable) link, delivered via SMS, MMS, email or a My Account app.

Platform Customization

Customize the look and feel of the web-based customer journey viewer to fit your brand. Choose what to show your customers and how it will change as the journey progresses, starting from an initial confirmation that sets expectations all the way through to feedback collection.

En Route Mobile Applications

Enable field employees to change job status, prompting automatic customer notifications and journey updates.

En Route SDK

Embed Glympse in your existing field service, delivery or mobile workforce management application, so changes in work order status enable automatic customer notifications and journey updates.

En Route Web Dashboard

Give back office personnel live map visibility, real-time data, and analytics measuring operational performance.

Or, work with us to build a unique customer experience solution on our location communication platform - build a better curbside pickup, launch an on-demand service, the sky’s the limit!

Channel Partners

Last-mile service and delivery isn’t a standalone interaction. We partner with the world’s leading customer and field service application providers to seamlessly add Glympse solutions to any customer experience journey with pre-built integration packages.